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We Have a Baby!

The last few days have been a bit crazy. We have a baby lamb in the house! I never thought I'd have livestock sleeping in the house, especially one wearing diapers and being bottle fed!

Over the weekend one of our sheep had twins and she rejected one of the babies. This little baby is darling. We think she was rejected because the sheep were all together in the barn at night. When the ewe went into labor she had no privacy and had already bonded with the first lamb. When this one came along mama was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do with her. When we found the baby she was outside of the barn in the rain, muddy, crying and hungry. She's doing so well now. Eventually she will go out to the pasture with the other animals, but that will be a while. She will have to be weened and reintroduced to other animals to make sure she can take care of herself.

Getting up in the middle of the night for bottle feedings and diaper changes, good grief!!

Outfit Info - In love with these jeans from American Eagle. Definitely pay attention to the inseam lengths. These are the regular inseam (I'm 5'4") and I wanted to wear them with flats. Next time I'll know. This top is almost sold out, but you can use this link to find another and my code is JustDoingMyBest for a discount.

One New Video - Outfit formulas to look taller and thinner in wide leg Jeans. Watch the video.

One New Makeup Pick - I'm head over heels for the Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation. Truly cannot say enough good things about it. Dewy, Medium coverage and looks gorgeous on the skin.

One More Thing - I'm currently loving graphic T-shirts and cardigans. They will be so fun closer to Spring and Summer. I found this graphic T from Etsy. This flower cardigan is adorable. It runs large (use code Dawn). If you want something in a solid color, this is so cute. You can size up in this one.

I appreciate you. My hope is to make this newsletter short and sweet and a mix of things you may have missed elsewhere. Thank you for being here.



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Feb 01

Hi from Chicago! You look so cute in that outfit! Love the suggestions you always give. And your new baby, I’m sure is so cute! I didn’t know all the things you said about the sheep etc. Joan

Apr 25
Replying to

Thank you for being here and saying Hello!

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