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Tips to Level Up Your Mature Makeup

We are all looking for the easiest and quickest ways to amp up our mature makeup look. Today I have some simple mature makeup tips I've found that make my look even better and more polished.

First tip is to use a good primer. As I have mentioned before, my current fave is the NYX Primer. This blurring primer not only ensures that your makeup has a perfect base to adhere to, but it also includes sunscreen. Two steps for the price of one.

The next tip focuses on the NYX Butter Melt Bronzer. People seem to really love or hate bronzers, but I have a few tips that will have you loving it as much as I do. I find that bronzer adds some dimension (and can thin out the face). I apply this before I put on my blush and only apply it on the high points of my face. I use this brush. I also look for a bronzer in a lighter color and using a lighter hand when applying is important so you don't end up with too much product as you apply (which can look weird and fake).

The next is an eyeliner tip that really helps to give your lashes a fuller look. I use Milani Stay Put Eyeliner, and apply it just to the base of my upper lashes. This creates a darker lash line, and helps the lashes appear fuller and longer.

Now lets talk about lips, and specifically lip liner. I have found lip liner to be another love it or hate it product. But, it really helps to give you clean lines around your lips and keeps your lip products in place. First, I line my lips on the natural lip line. After I've lined them completely, I will over line just a bit on the top center, and the bottom center. This gives me a bit of fullness without looking over done.

Another tip I love is using a second lip pencil in a slightly darker shade than the first liner. I will go in with the darker pencil and trace over the lining I did on the top and bottom center. Using a darker lip liner only those areas, gives a shadow effect which makes your lips look fuller. Using a lip gloss also gives you the appearance of a fuller lip, so I used a gloss over the lipliner for this look.

Here is the video I created sharing how these tips really can take your look to the next level.

I hope you find these simple mature makeup tips (and the video) helpful. If you have questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment on this video.

Thank you for being here. God Bless.


Here are the products I used in the video:

Essence Highligher - (the one I used is not available)

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