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"One Thing" Newsletter - Aug 15th

We are getting a 2 day reprieve from the sweltering heat and I'm in heaven. I think it's our reward for the 3 bad storms we had last week. We have awful storms here in Middle TN and it's terribly nerve wracking at times.

The other thing that is nerve wracking is this college application process. Our girl graduations this Spring and YIKES!!! It's overwhelming. Please send any advice my way for college applications, scholarships, etc. Anything at all that will make this process better. I'm all ears. Lol.

Outfit Info - Denim skirts will be huge this FALL. It tried this one in a medium blue and in black. While I think I prefer the black skirt, this outfit with this jacket is so fun. This jacket is from Amazon and is a little different and will make a great outfit with jeans this Fall also. (the boots are old). Here is another denim skirt option, if that one is not available.

One Beauty Product - Do you have frizzy, dry, mature hair? I'm loving this right now. It's under $10 and helps control frizz and dryness. I use a dime size amount in my hair before styling.

One More Thing - If you missed a link I shared this past week, this is where I will share them. This small shop carries Christian T-shirts, stickers and devotionals. Use code Dawn10 for a discount. Great gifts too.

I hope you find something here you love and will share this with a friend. I appreciate you being here, more than you know.

God Bless,


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