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"One Thing" For The Week of April 25th

If you're reading this, Thank You. I don't say that enough. I appreciate you. I call this newsletter "one thing" because I want to keep it short and sweet. I want to keep the updates to only "one thing" in each category.

One thing happening in our lives right now is prom. Our girl goes to prom this weekend. It's that time of year (you've probably had experience with this) where everything in the world is happening at school, church, etc. before school gets out at the end of May. It's keeping us busy, and of course, expensive!!

Below is one outfit idea for Mother's Day, brunch or church. This is such a pretty palette and I found 2 similar dresses, and shoes, that are very affordable. I didn't add any jewelry, in hopes that the beautiful lady reading this will get something pretty as a present.

I did not post a YouTube video this past week. Life got in the way. But, I'm working on a way to post more short content here on my page (I'll make a category for it), in case there is something you want to refer back to.

One Beauty Product I'm loving right now is the Tarte Under Eye Color Corrector. It's the only product I ordered from the Sephora sale. It's so good for cancelling out dark circles under the eye before applying concealer. When I find a drugstore version, I'll let you know.

One More Thing I have ordered lately is a new planner. This one is my favorite. Use code Best35 for a discount. It's lasts 18 months, which is so helpful for me. I've used this one for several years. I love that I see a month at a glance, but make notes on a weekly basis, as well as lists and other handy notes.

If there's anything you'd like to see here, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you.



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