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"One" Thing for April 3

Last week was a little nuts. At least the weekend was nuts. We spent time on Friday and Saturday in the cellar waiting on tornadoes which hit way too close to home. On Saturday, we sent out 2 lambs to a new farm. On Sunday, my daughter had a photo shoot with a photographer and 12 other senior girls (she will be a senior next year). We are looking forward to this weekend, Resurrection Sunday and hopefully a little rest. But, first I NEED to get my taxes done. Yikes!!

ONE Outfit Recap

Outfit #1- I almost ordered this sheer ruffled kimono in a blue/green color, but knew I'd get more use out of it in black.

Outfit #2 - I can't be the only one who wore patchwork denim in my younger days. I'm not proud of it. LOL. That's what this skirt reminds me of. (Be sure to size up). I love it, especially under $20.

These sandals are so comfortable, but sold out in silver. I did manage to find them in a couple other colors.

Outfit #3 - I saw this studded jacket on someone in blue denim, but I chose khaki for something a little different. I sized up and it's perfect. Also, this bag is fantastic. Faux leather and comes in several colors.

Outfit #4- Sadly my pink jacket is sold out, but it was the Scoop brand at Walmart. Are you looking for wide leg white jeans this season? These are off white and fantastic. These are another great white wide leg option.

ONE Video - Speaking of Wide Leg White Jeans, my latest YouTube video has several tips to help you look fantastic in white jeans this Spring and Summer.

ONE Beauty Product - You may have seen me share this setting spray to set makeup. It's my favorite. This week on Makeup Monday, on my Facebook page, I'm sharing my entire drugstore makeup routine. Lately, I've been starting with this spray as my makeup primer and loving the results. So, to clarify, I'm spraying it on my bare face at the very beginning of my makeup application and again at the very end to lock everything in place.

ONE More Thing - If you're looking for a self tanner, this is the one I've been using. What I like is how forgiving it is. You can see results right away, and it gets a little darker over the course of a few hours. But the next day, it seems to even out a bit, which I love. I get the medium. Be sure to follow the instructions and definitely use the mitt to apply. For best results, I find that you want to use it 24 -36 hours before an event or special occasion. It evens out and gives a nice even color that way.

I hope all of this is helpful. As most of us do, occasionally I fall in love with something I can't resist that's a bit pricier, but I'm trying my hardest to find great clothing, makeup and skincare for us mature ladies, that are super affordable and easy to find.

God Bless you and Happy Easter,


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