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No More Dark Circles!

The past few weeks have been super busy and a little chaotic at our house. Some good things, but some bad too. Now, we are looking forward to Spring and warmer weather. Did you see that we set clocks forward on March 12th? Woohoo!!!

Last week we had someone at our house doing some painting and it completely threw me off in terms of productivity. I don't know if you're like me, I don't do well with a disruption in my schedule. Especially, since I work from home.

In last few weeks, I've released a few makeup YouTube videos with simple concepts. One video, is an easy everyday eyeshadow look. This is the way I have my eyes done most of the time. It's simple, neutral, natural and takes no skill at all.

Like everyone else, I applied concealer with my fingers for years. However, the older I get the more I realize I can get a better concealer application with a brush. In this video, I share several concealer brushes. I have 2 that I'm loving right now. This one is under $10 and gets in every area that you need it. (Currently this brush is only in a set. But, still around $10). This angled concealer brush is very nice also. It's from another of my favorite brands.

You can watch the concealer brush demo and my concealer application here.

If dark circles are a concern for you and concealer doesn't seem to help, you may need a color corrector. In this video, I demonstrate how to use color corrector and why it works. In the video, I'm using this color corrector, in light/medium. A little goes a long way. It's great for my fair skin. But, if you have a medium to dark complexion, they have a medium/dark option, but I've heard great reviews about this one as well.

If you're going to the beach or a warm destination to beat the winter doldrums and you need sandals, I've already been thinking about warm weather shoes. I just ordered these. They remind me of a pair I loved and wore to death last year. Here's another from the same brand. Target also has some great shoes that are dupes for more expensive options, like this pair.

Things that didn't work out:

  1. These cargos were terrific in black. I sent them back in other colors, especially white. With the pockets they just emphasized every area I didn't like and made me look much heavier. Yikes.

  2. This tunic t-shirt was very cute online. In person it was thin and showed every lump and bump. Needless to say, I sent it back.

Thank you for being here. If you want to see more outfit ideas, be sure to follow me on Pinterest.

God Bless you,


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