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Lambs and Beautiful Skin

It's been busy, busy, busy here at our house. Last week we put down a new brick floor in our farmhouse kitchen. We've done it before in our last house and it was such hard, messy work. This time, it was less messy (our last house was on a slab and we had to use a jackhammer to remove the old floor), but still back breaking. When we are planning a project, we often forget we are over 50.

The floor is beautiful, we are so glad we did it. We have more work to do in our kitchen (later on down the road), but our next project will be our dining room. We will be removing the 70's paneling to reveal the original beadboard.

In addition to a lot of hard work, we had 3 babies (1 goat and 2 lambs) born in our barn in January. Our newest little lamb was born on Sunday, right after we got home from church. We won't keep the babies, but we love having them, taking care of them and watching them play.

Have you ever shaved your face? Dermaplaning can be done professionally, but doing it at home can save money and you'll love the results. Your makeup will look better and your skincare will be more effective. Not only does it remove all of the fine facial hair, as well as the course black hairs, but you'll also be exfoliating and revealing clearer skin. Watch the video here.

Valentine's Day is coming soon and I don't wear much red, but I should. Except for this sweater, which I love. We can all use a few fun red things to make it bit more festive. I also recently found some fun pajamas. I'm embarrassed to say I really needed new pj's and these are super cute, comfy and don't make me sweat when I sleep.

Besides pajamas, I also needed new panties and comfortable bras. I really think I found some great ones. Eby makes such nice panties that stay in place and no panty lines. And, if you've ever wanted a super comfortable bra that gives some support but doesn't pinch or poke you, their seamless bras are fantastic. They always have great deals on the site but if you want to just try one or two things, you can use my link and my discount code is Dawn

Be sure to check out my Facebook page for new products and fun makeup demos on Makeup Monday. Thanks for sharing this newsletter with a sweet friend over 40 friend.

God Bless,


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