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Happy 2023

How was your Christmas Break? I hope you were safe, happy and warm. Ours was busy. The winter storm that came through really had us on our toes. Nothing traumatic or horrible, just busy. Our power went out on Christmas Eve. The electric company had to come out and replace our transformer. Ours was about 50 years old (old house problems). My husband left the house 6 or 7 times from Dec 24 - 27, helping people with burst water pipes from the drastic low temps. Luckily, as the weather warmed up a bit, we were able to get some rest and started organizing and working on a few home projects before we all went back to work and school.

Are you ready to do your best in a new year? I know I am. A few months ago I read something that said in order to reach your goals, or even to have peace in your life, an important aspect to consider is being ruthless with your time. So, I adopted that philosophy back in the summer. If it doesn't bring me closer to God, my family, my goals, or bring me joy, I'm saying No.

In 2023, you may be receiving a few more emails from me. Here's my plan for emails: 2 newsletters a month (no change there), then 2 shorter emails that will contain a new YouTube video and or an outfit idea graphic or something similar.

I don't ever want to fill up your email in box, but I also don't think I've been doing my part to stay in touch. I appreciate you and want to be respectful of your time. My hope is that I can give you value for your time.

A few of my latest of YouTube Videos:

I do love affordable fashion and makeup. This video contains a few of my favorite Amazon finds for Winter (so far, wink wink). Two of the standouts from this video are this red cable sweater, and this long cardigan.

I hope this video helps you take care of your sweaters, or anything that "should be" handwashed or dry cleaned. One thing I cannot live without are these. I use one in every single load of clothes I wash. No kidding. And, of course, a steamer. I don't think a steamer has to be super expensive to work well. This is the one I've been using for years.

What Didn't Work Lately -

  1. I'm constantly looking for great makeup products from the drugstore, Walmart, Amazon, etc. The other day I picked up this mascara and it's super frustrating. The wand is so flexible and bendable that I felt like it was almost impossible to get it to do what I wanted. But, this mascara may be my new favorite. I'm pretty sure I'll be talking about this on Makeup Monday soon!!

  2. I had high hopes for these jeans. They aren't horrible, but sizing is weird and they are very stretchy. Which, in jeans, generally means they won't hold up well after a lot of wear and washing. However, I just ordered another pair of these jeans in black. The Slim Straight aren't super skinny, but not a true straight leg either. I can't enough of them. When in doubt with jeans, I recommend ordering a couple of sizes. Be prepared to take back the ones that didn't work out. Every pair, every style and every store is different these days.

Thanks so much for being here. If there's anything you'd like to see more of this year, please feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

God Bless you in 2023,


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