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Cozy Time!

I pray that if you're in the Florida/Hurricane Ian area, you're safe and well. The coverage of the aftermath is unbelievable. I've been through hurricanes, tornadoes, & typhoons. It's all awful. You can do your best to prepare, but destruction like that can be life changing and devastating.

Now that it's finally Fall, I'm thinking of all of the cozy clothes, slippers and of course soup.

Here are few cozy things I found if you're ready to up date your cozy clothes.

Save Outfit

  1. Cozy Sherpa Sweatshirt -

  2. Cozy Lounge Pants -

  3. Warm Faux Shearling Slippers -

Splurge Outfit

In my latest YouTube video I shared how I will be wearing Chunky Lug Sole Loafers. These loafers are so fun, especially if you want something a little updated and you're not loving heels. These are comfortable and you don't have to worry about slipping in the Winter weather.

In that video and in an upcoming video, I showed several outfits with cropped straight leg jeans. The loafers are a great shoe to wear with this style of denim. You can also wear the cropped denim with your short boots as well. Lastly, in that video I showed a long cardigan that comes in several colors and doesn't break the bank.

Here's a new segment that I'm excited to add to the newsletter. Called "Things I Returned". You always hear about what I love and what worked. But, a lot of things get sent back. Some things are returned because, quite frankly, they are awful. But, often there are things that just didn't work for me and they might be great for someone else.

Things I Returned Lately -

1. Blazer - I mentioned this in my last letter but it's worth another mention. It's such a great blazer. I didn't order a flattering color for me. If you need a nice blazer and can't invest $150, give this one a try. I recommend sizing up one size.

2. This Setting Spray did not work for me. It felt tacky all day and my makeup looked awful after a few hours. This Setting Spray is absolutely one of my favorites. It has a fine mist and locks in my makeup all day. In this week's Makeup Monday video I talk about it and how I use it.

3. Jeans for Tall Girls - If you need a long inseam, these Flare Legs might work for you. I'm 5'4" and they were very very long and the waist was a bit snug. So, I recommend sizing up one size.

I hope all of this is helpful. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for being here and if there's anything you'd like to see in a YouTube video or in a newsletter, don't hesitate to reach out.

God Bless you,


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