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Cheers to a Beautiful 2024

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. How was your holiday season? We spent Dec 25 - Jan 1 at home. Our daughter was sick before Christmas and my husband had the flu immediately after. Which turned into a sinus infection. He went back to work Jan 4. I've never seen someone so eager to go back to work. He was tired of lying in bed for days on end.

Outfit Info - If you a need pretty blouse you can wear anywhere, this is it. I ordered it in 2 colors. Coat/sweater, boots, bag.

One Skincare Pick - Tried a new makeup setting spray and really loved it. Claims it lasts 16 hours, and I really like it for giving your makeup staying power.

My Most Repurchased Beauty Items of 2023 - Find them all here

I appreciate you. My hope is always to make this newsletter short and sweet and a mix of things you may have missed elsewhere. You would make my day if you share this newsletter with a friend. Have a blessed day.



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