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Affordable Office Wear

We are back in the swing of things after returning from Wisconsin. My Bonus Daughter got married on my husband's birthday last weekend. It was terrific, but the drive is long. About 700 from our house. Yikes.

The bride looked beautiful and the rain held off long enough for the photographer to finish with pictures. Thank God for tents. She and my husband even did a fun Father Daughter dance. It started out slow (the song Butterfly Kisses) and then broke into a few really fun songs. I practiced with my husband at home, and she practiced with her fiancé. The first time they actually did the dance together was at the wedding. It was so fun.

I shared this once, but so many girls at the wedding needed strapless bras, so I want to share this great sticky bra again. Keep this link in case you or anyone you know needs this for an event dress. This one has sticky clear straps on the side that were at least one to two inches longer most of the others we found, making it much more secure.

In this video I showed 2 of my favorite eye makeup products. This eyeliner is retractable (no sharpening needed) and terrific for the price. Bronze is my favorite color. In the video I share how I wear this shadow stick in the color Rose Gold and then add the bronze liner over it. It's a super easy eyeliner look and looks like it took much more time and expertise than it really does.

If you want more affordable eyeliner options, this one is my all time favorite eyeliner. Lasts all day and comes in so many great colors. This eyeliner comes in more muted shades. They were actually created for making a "smokey eye" but I love using them for layering. My favorite combo is Mauve Grit with Nude Haze over the top. It's a pretty combo. Nude Haze is a great color if you're not sure what color you need and don't want anything to heavy or dark. Would be terrific for fair skin or gray hair.

I'm always looking for affordable fashion and makeup. Always. Here are some great new finds perfect for the office.

  1. This leather tote bag is gorgeous, sturdy, well made and holds everything. Perfect as a work tote or just a large everyday handbag.

  2. Here's a pretty "layered necklace" that won't break the bank.

  3. There are so many great blouse options. I love the weight of this one. It feels much more expensive than it actually is and comes in great colors for office wear or simply date night. As I write this, it's currently only $19.

  4. This Boho style blouse is also terrific with jeans or work. The fabric is lighter than the last one, so I definitely recommend wearing a tank or cami underneath.

  5. Need a great white blouse? This one can take you anywhere. I've worn and washed this a few times in the past few weeks. Love it for work, church, or even date night with jeans. Also, recommend sizing up one size.

  6. Affordable blazer? Yes, please!! You would never think this blazer was under $50. It's well made and lined. It sized up one size and it fit perfectly right out of the package. You'll want to steam it, of course.

I hope all of this was helpful, if it was, it would mean the world to me if you share this with another beautiful mature lady, who's not already subscribed here. Thank you.

If you're not already following on Pinterest, I'd love to see you over there.

God Bless you and your family,


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