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Makeup and Spray Vitamins

This weekend our little TN town of 400 will turn into 100,000. It's the annual Craft Fair. We have company coming and will escape the craziness on the first day, but then spend some time walking around the fair on Sunday and exploring the food trucks (my husband will be in heaven).

We also use the weekend of Craft Fair to finish up any outside work before winter. Over the past few weeks we planted 10 bushes and 75 bulbs, mulched, and prepared the vegetable garden for winter. Now, we are ready for a bit of a break from outdoor work/yard work.

Outfit Info - White Button Down Shirt. This one is fantastic and under $25. It's crisp and clean and is more of a tailored fit. Jeans, Boots.

One New Video - Easiest way to define your eyes (plus, my favorite $10 eyeshadow palette).

One Beauty Product - I recently had the opportunity to try a new makeup collection from Sigma Beauty. The collection is based on Disney's Beauty and The Beast. Gorgeous colors and all their makeup brushes have a 2 year warranty. Use code JustDoingMyBest for a discount on the Sigma site.

One More Thing - If you need another option to fight sleeplessness, improve your energy level, boost your vitamin intake and much more without taking pills, try Sprayology I've tried several and so far so good. They are homeopathic, made in the US and have no know drug interactions. Use code JustDoingMyBest for a discount off your first order. My favorites so far are Rejuvenation Plus and EveryDay Energy.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment on this newsletter.

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