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Birthdays and Basics

Every year I say this and every year it's true. How on earth did I get to be this age? I don't feel my age, but apparently I am 55. This past weekend we went antiquing. That's something we usually do every year around my birthday. It's hard for my husband to say no, when it's my birthday. Lol. If you like antiquing, there are a lot of great places in the middle TN area. We didn't buy a lot, but we had fun.

Right after the first of the year we had a baby lamb born. We love having baby animals here. They are so cute. We could sit and watch them all day. We try to hold them, when mama will allow it. The sheep are much more protective than the goats!!

On my YouTube channel, I'm working on creating several "basic videos". What I mean is, if you are maturing and have looked in the mirror and thought "I need to change my makeup routine", these videos are for you.

Here are a few examples of the "basics":

As you can see the above video is how to use a Lash Curler without pinching your skin and getting a great curl on your lashes before mascara. You don't need an expensive lash curler to get the best results. This lash curler is the one I use.

Next step after curling your lashes, could be Lash Primer. You may decide you don't want to take one more step before mascara. That's perfectly understandable. If you are interested in the benefits of lash primer, this video may help. Plus, you'll see how I am cheating a little at Lash Primer.

Mascara is a very personal choice. I have found that everyone has their preference. I was using Thrive Causemetics tubing mascara and absolutely loved it. Truly, it's a wonderful mascara. But, as you know, I'm always looking for the best drugstore beauty items. This is the mascara I'm loving right now. It wears well and washes off easily with my regular cleanser in the evening.

You can watch the mascara video here.

A few things you can look forward to in the next few weeks are setting powders, eye masks and makeup brushes. Here is one of foundation brushes I'm loving.

It would mean the world to me if you passed this newsletter on to another mature lady who might enjoy it. Thank you.

God Bless you,


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