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First Week of Spring

Do you have snow or sunshine this week? We had 44 degrees on the first day of Spring, but it's better than ice and snow. Next week I am driving to Michigan, where it's even colder. But, it will be a nice drive. The trees filling out and the blooms makes so happy.

We finally have our little lamb out of the house and in the pasture with the other animals. I loved having her in the house and caring for her, but it was taxing. I didn't sleep much. She required a lot of attention, just like a baby. And, the mess on my kitchen floor was horrible at times. I know she'll be fine outside, like our other sheep and goats. But, she will always have a special connection and bond with me.

Outfit Info - Cutest Pink Jeans (size up one size), Short Cardigan, Sneakers, Sunglasses.

One New Video - The Power of Makeup Primer. Why do we even need a makeup primer? Watch the video here.

New Beauty Picks I'm Loving Right Now - Sleeping Lip Mask (so good, nourishing, affordable). Vitamin C Serum (I make sure I'm not without this). Lippie Stick in the color Oh Snap.

One More Thing - I've developed a little obsession with this camera bag it comes in many color and it's perfect for festivals, travel, vacations, etc. My favorite part is swapping out the straps. Here are a few of my favorite straps, like this one or this one.

Thank you for being here. My hope is to always make this newsletter short and sweet and a mix of things you may have missed elsewhere. I hope you find it quick and useful.



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