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Spring Blooms and Eyebrows

Blooms are starting to poke up here in Middle Tennessee and I'm so happy about it. We planted an exhausting amount of bulbs in the Fall so it's so satisfying to see the fruits of our labor decorate our yard. Daffodils and tulips. So beautiful.

I'm putting a heavy focus on my YouTube channel lately, so I apologize in advance for fewer newsletters. More beauty/skincare/makeup than fashion. You will still see fashion pictures and links on Facebook, Instagram and here in the newsletter. I hope you will stick with me and enjoy watching the videos as much as I enjoy making them. Having said that, if you are looking for any new products in particular, feel free to leave a comment here on this newsletter or msg me and I'll try to help

Two New Videos - Testing New Drugstore Brow Pencils. This video was crazy. While I was testing new brow pencils several of these actually broke while I was filming. Lol. Even after testing several brow pencils this one and this one are still my favorites.

Another new video you might enjoy is 5 makeup products I absolutely love under $10.

New Beauty Picks I'm Loving Right Now - Absolutely loving this hair care system. It's definitely supposed to be knock off of the Olaplex system. But I think I like it even better. I shared my thoughts on it here.

One More Thing - I saw this Rose T-shirt on a website a while back and then in a boutique and it was over $70. Way more than I want to spend. I finally found it under $20 and in several colors. Good quality and runs roomy.

Thank you for being here. My hope is to always make this newsletter short and sweet and a mix of things you may have missed elsewhere. I hope you find it quick and useful.



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