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It's Sweater Weather!!

Last week I drove to Michigan to see my dad and the weather was gorgeous. It was such a nice drive and I took my little senior dog with me. He did so well. I won't drive up there in the Winter, so this will most likely be my last visit until Spring.

Outfit Info - Cardigan, white shirt, straight leg cropped jeans, loafers. I also love the cardigan with this T-shirt and sparkle sneakers.

One New Video - Get the best lashes of your life. 2 easy steps with NO false lashes.

One Beauty Product - A while back I shared the Superpower hair scalp serum. I recently noticed my hair looks longer and feels much healthier. This week I went to the hairdresser and she noticed the new growth too. Woohoo. So, I'm sharing the serum again with an update. Plus, I've been using the Restorative Butter Mask (deep conditioner) and love it also. (Use code Dawn10)

One More Thing - I have a discount code for you for a small shop with beautiful handmade jewelry. She's a mature lady too and I think you'll find several pieces that will be perfect for you or to give as a gift.

If you are planning fun get togethers in the coming weeks, here are a few games to add to your list.

I appreciate you so much. You would make my day if you share this newsletter with a friend. Have a blessed day.



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