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How to Apply Concealer to Mature Skin

Applying concealer can easily turn into a big mess, especially when dealing with dark circles and wrinkles. I created a couple of videos to show you how to get the best outcome from your concealer.

Start with clean skin, and allow any skin products, moisturizer and sunscreen to dry completely before beginning. I start with a makeup primer (loving this one) and pat it in gently and allow that to set just a bit. This tarte color corrector is my next product, and it is a game changer. You'll be surprised at how much less concealer you'll need to use after you apply this. I use this concealer brush to apply this concealer and blend it in.

This setting powder is what I use to set my concealer, then I complete the rest of my makeup, making sure to avoid putting any foundation under the eyes. I set it all with this setting spray and I'm good to go.

I'd love for you to join my Facebook group, and for more fashion and beauty inspiration for women over 50 make sure to check out my YouTube channel.

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