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Fun and Games and Gifts

Next week is Thanksgiving. Of course, I know it was approaching, but just 2 weeks ago it was 80 degrees and light out at 6pm. Now, it's dark at 4:30 and Thanksgiving is on November 23. Wow.

We are spending Thanksgiving with family in Memphis, TN. We do that every year and really enjoy it. It's not too long of a drive and a very relaxing time.

Outfit Info - My daughter and I both have this flannel jacket and love it. I'm wearing a Medium (I'm a size 6) and it's not oversized. Old Navy Jeans. Boots.

One New Video - You can have gorgeous makeup at any age with better blending watch this video.

Fun and Games - A while back, I asked for some of your favorite board games. I've compiled 2 lists. I hope you find something fun for your get togethers this holiday season. List #1. List #2.

Affordable Gifts - Gift Ideas under $25 and beautiful jewelry to give or to add to your wish list. I have a few pieces and they beautiful. Use code Dawn10 for a discount.

I appreciate you being here so much. I try to make this short and sweet and hopefully you find something you may have missed elsewhere.

You would make my day if you share this newsletter with a friend. Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving.



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