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Foundation Tips for Mature Skin

When you apply your foundation, you expect that your skin will appear brighter and smoother, but mature skin can create some challenges. I created a quick video with some tips and tricks to applying your foundation on mature skin with ease and I promise you'll love how you skin looks.

First up, I can't stress the importance of prepping your skin enough!! This is my favorite sunscreen, and I truly LOVE this Rosehip Seed Oil (see my video on this magical oil here) and what it does for my skin. I am also a big believer in this eye cream. You under eye skin need special treatment, especially if you're wearing makeup, and this really nourishes that area of sensitive skin. Priming your skin (I love this makeup primer), will help with the texture and fine lines, give your foundation a better base and make it work with you skin instead of simply sitting on top of it.

Once your skin is prepped you are ready to add your foundation. I have found that applying my foundation directly to a foundation brush gives me the best coverage. This is the foundation I have been using, and I have to say it works great on my skin. I do not apply foundation under my eyes, I found using under eye concealer gives me a smoother appearance. You can check out my concealer tips and tricks video here. Following these tips and tricks really do help to make my foundation work great with my skin.

I'd love for you to join my Facebook group, and for more fashion and beauty inspiration for women over 50 make sure to check out my YouTube channel.

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