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The Wedding

In 3 weeks my step daughter is getting married in Wisconsin. We are looking forward to it and may or may not be practicing a "Father Daughter" dance. It's a casual, outdoor, Western themed wedding. This is the dress I'm wearing (wedding colors are blue and pink). If you need a nice dress at a reasonable price, this is it. Lined to the knee with sheer sleeves. It's cut a little lower than I prefer, so I will be wearing a cami.

My husband and our 16 year old are in the wedding and have to wear cowboy boots, I do not. However, since it is outdoors, I'll be wearing these boots.

Here is one of my latest YT videos. I could have added so many things to this list, but I wanted to stick with items that make life easier when I travel. This mirror is one of my new favorites. You can watch the video here. If you have suggestions for things you'd like to see in a video, please let me know. My favorite videos to make are the ones that answer simple questions (beauty or fashion) that we feel silly asking and wish someone would just come to our house and explain it for us.

If you love a good product at a great price, here are some of the best makeup items I've found under $10.

  1. I've ditched all of my other lip glosses for this one. My current favorite color is Natural Luster.

  2. This Rose Gold Eyeshadow stick is so pretty layered with another eyeliner. LOVE!

  3. If you're looking for any eyebrow pencil that makes thin strokes but gets the job, look no further. Here. I use the color Taupe.

  4. Setting Sprays are one of my favorite makeup items EVER!! If you have oily skin like I do, you'll love this. Spray about 5 squirts right before applying mascara.

  5. So many people talk about eyelash primers or mascara primers. I've used pricier ones and still love this one. One coat makes your lashes look so much longer when you use it before applying mascara. (It's worth noting, that several people love the mascara from this same brand. I HATE it. It's never worked for me. But for $5 this primer does the job!)

  6. Best concealer I've ever used. Hands down. I use the color Light Sand. If you have dry skin, try this instead.

  7. Love this eyeliner. My favorite colors are semi sweet and dutchess.

  8. Last, but not least, a $10 Make up Primer. Yes, please!!

To see more of my favorite beauty products, here is the my Amazon Beauty Page.

New Item For The Newsletter -

Shop My Closet Tip. Tips to help you make your closet more shoppable and filled with pieces you'll wear season after season. When buying jeans, try to stick with a dark wash. Dark denim will always help you look thinner, sometimes taller, and can be dressed up or down. Avoid, "whiskering" when possible. "Whiskering" is when there are faded lines in front (like cat whiskers), at or above the hip. If you carry your weight in your tummy or thighs, whiskering can give the illusion that the jeans were stretched horizontally when you tried them on. Yikes.

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