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Smile and Paint Your Nails!

Today I want to encourage you to do something for yourself. Even if you're not going anywhere special or won't see anyone. Put on lipstick, perfume, a nice top, or even a dress. Do your hair or paint your nails (my favorite color). Not for anyone else. Just you. Something that makes you smile and makes you feel good about yourself. You deserve it.

Outfit Info - Old Navy Wide Leg Trousers Jeans. I cannot get enough of these jeans. Gorgeous print blouse. (use code Dawn30)

One Beauty Product - Two of my favorite anti-aging skin products have been out of stock. Both are back for now. Love this serum. It's so light and effective. You can use it after moisturizer to lock in moisture. This dark spot cream is hydrating and has great reviews. I'm on my second jar.

One More Thing - Slipper season is here. Truth be told, I wear slippers year round. I prefer a pair with a sturdy bottom.

You would make my day if you share this newsletter with a friend. Have a blessed day.



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