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"One Thing" Newsletter June 21st

I survived last week. Drama Camp (our VBS) is not for sissies. It's such a fun and exhausting week. Our girl is back at camp. She's working in the kitchen this week (as teen staff). She's texting me how tired she is. Lol. It's good for her.

Next week we are leaving town for a few days and it's July 4th. This will be the last newsletter for a week or two. Time to take a little rest

Outfit Inspiration for 1 Blue Dress (use code JustDoingMyBest for a 25% discount:

Outfit #1 - Blue Dress with a belt and heels for dinner.

Outfit #2 - Love it with these woven heels and bracelets for lunch.

Outfit #3 - Adding a blazer makes it great for work.

Outfit #4 - White Denim Jacket and Sneakers for a fun casual outfit.

One New Video you may enjoy is this one. I'd love it if you would share this with a friend.

One Beauty Product I can't get enough of is this retinol eye stick. This version has caffiene to help with puffiness.

One More Thing you might need if you're traveling this Summer are these silicone sleeves to fit on your bottles. No more leaks or spills.

I hope you find something here you love and maybe some outfit inspiration. I appreciate you so much.

God Bless,


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