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One Thing for the week of May 8

The humidity has already started in Tennessee. I'm not ready. Lol. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram and watch my stories, you know we are STILL working on our dining room. We are exposing the original beadboard and sprucing up the wood floors and fireplace. We got lucky that most of the floors, trim, etc., are the original hardwood from the 1940's. They just needed a bit of love. So, in between jobs and farm animals, we are still plugging along on this house.

Last week I bought 3 pair of jeans from Old Navy. I was looking for wide leg jeans with a raw hem and didn't want to pay big $$$$. A raw hem is very on trend without being distressed. So many of you tell me you don't like holes. That being said, I cut all 3 pair.

Pair #1 is the High Rise Wide Leg. I only cut off the hem. That's it. Now, it's the raw hem wide leg jean I was looking for and much cheaper than the pair I was looking at originally.

Pair #2 is the High Rise White Loose Straight Leg. Generally I don't love a straight leg, but the looser fit makes them look more like a wide leg crop and they will be great with sandals.

Pair #3 is the same as #2 but in blue. High Rise Loose Straight Leg. I started to cut off just the hem, so I could cuff them. But, ultimately decided to do what I did to the white pair. They will fray a bit more when I launder them and that will be fine with me. These will be a great casual pair.

One Video in my latest video (this one) I share several outfit ideas for wearing a T-shirt and jeans for Spring and Summer. This is the blazer I wore in the video. You can't beat the price.

One Beauty Product I can't get enough of right now is color corrector for under the eye before you use concealer. You've seen me share this one, which is my favorite. But, I have another option for dry skin. The Under Eye Brightener from Catrice is only $6 and very moisturizing. Use code JustDoingMyBest for a discount. Their makeup primer is one of the best I've ever used also.

One More Thing you may have missed is I've been sharing items from Brindle Boutique and I'm finally able to give individual links. If you love Amazon, Target, etc. but you'd like to support small shops, I'm loving this shop so much. So many affordable, pretty items. I think you'll love them. Try this top, or this kimono. Again, use JustDoingMyBest for a discount.

Thank you for being here. I appreciate you more than you know. God Bless you.


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