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"One Thing" for July 18th

This week our daughter turned 17. We now have a senior in High School (she starts back to school in 2 weeks) and a grandbaby. Wow.

I hope you're surviving this heat. It's been oppressive here. Normally I would be suffering through the heat to walk in the mornings but I did something weird to my back and I haven't been walking or working out. It's getting better though. So, fingers crossed I can get back to walking and maybe even sweat off a few extra calories.

Outfit #1 - White shirts never go out of style. Jeans. Shoes.

Outfit #2 - Dress as a topper, T-shirt, Sneakers, Bag. (use code Justdoingmybest for Brindle Boutique items)

Outfit #4 - Boho top (use code Justdoingmybest for a discount), sandals.

One New Video - I hope you find this video helpful. There are so many great products from this affordable cosmetics website. Try the full coverage foundation or the matte eyeshadow. Use code Justdoingmybest for a discount.

One Beauty Product - Recently I changed lash growth serums. I had one that worked and then it didn't. Why? I don't know. Here is what I'm using now and I saw results in as early as 6 weeks. They do offer a 3 month supply. The 3 month supply will save money and let you see results without a huge commitment.

One More Thing - If you're looking for comfy panties, I order these over and over again. They fit true to size, stay in place and hold up really well. I do not order from Nordstrom super often, but when I do, I always add a pair or two of these in every order.

I hope you find something here you love and maybe some outfit inspiration. I appreciate you so much. If you're not already part of my Facebook Group, we'd love to have you join us and maybe make a new friend.

God Bless,


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